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We are not offering tours or hires at the moment, but if you are interested in buying a second hand or new Zoom Bike please give us a call.

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 WHAT ARE Zoom ebikes ?


Think of them like regular bikes...but more fun! You don't need a license, they are good for the environment, easy to ride and way more comfortable! Twist the throttle and off you go. No need to pedal unless you want to.


Zoom ebikes are fun for all ages, children can ride with a parent, sharing the large comfy seat while relaxing with their feet on the foot pegs. Older children will be able to ride by themselves. 

Dependant on size, even adults can ride on the back too! The perfect date activity! They are perfect for taking to the shops.

Zoom ebikes are one of a kind. Modified by us right here in Adelaide to comply with South Australian laws. Fully legit! Click here to enquire about buying a Zoom ebike.



40 Magarey Road

Coromandel Valley,

SA 5051


Tel: 0418795981

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